GALA DINNER with Fabien Mengus, hosted by Poussieres de Vie (NGO).


With the desire to bring customers in Saigon the opportunity to enjoy special food program, on the evening of 11/10/2017, Poussières de Vie invited  Mr. Fabien Mengus - one of the most famous French Chefs. Fabien Mengus is the boss and also the chief chef of Le Cygne Gundershoffen and L'Arnsbourg.


Only one night at the Sofitel Plaza Hotel, Fabien Mengus will offer the most special dishes to more than 200 distinguished guests in the attractive and warm music space.

And this is also one of the annual culinary cultural exchanges of Poussières de Vie to raise funds for health care and education projects for street children.

·         Name: Gala Dinner with chef Fabien Mengus

·         Location: Sofitel Plaza Hotel, 17 Le Duan, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City

·         Date: 11.10.2017, 19:00 - 22:00



• Item auction unexpectedly at the party

• Attendance of consulates around the world

• A unique presentation from the Consulate of France

• Impressive Vietnamese cultural performances

• An elaborate cooking presentation from chef Fabien Mengus

• And other special programs


 Poussières de Vie (PdV) is licensed by the State Department, Department of Foreign Affairs, under the supervision of PACCOM. Operated in Vietnam since 2002.

The centers created by Poussières de Vie are only available to street children who are in particularly difficult circumstances, unable to go to school and who do not have favorable conditions for development.

Under the direction of the Poussières de Vie, the monitoring and assistance of PACCOM, HUFO, P.15, Q.11, PPC, Kontum, and other units and individuals, Poussières de Vie, have held courses in: sports, foreign languages, informatics in a stable, effective and disciplined way to orient career, moral orientation, Living and working for the community, for the children. In addition, Poussières de Vie also offers a full range of nutritious meals for children after each session.

At PdV, we live and work according to three criteria: 'compassion', 'for opportunity', and 'cohesion'

Funding from the organization mainly comes from fundraising activities by organizing events, exhibitions, and self-mobilization programs.


GALA DINNER tickets are available for:

3,500,000 / seat

30,000,000 / table (10 seats)

When you are enjoying a great Gala night, it is time for you to do something meaningful for life.

We look forward to continuing to receive support from the society and from the sectoral agencies in contributing to society and the community, in pursuit of the organization's mission: 'Make a long lasting change for those who have an unfortunate life, both in terms of health, wisdom and opportunities for self-development, 'contributing to better social development.

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