PdV on LILO Search Engine - We need your Support!

We are happy to announce that Poussières de Vie is in the selection phase on Lilo, a free online search engine financing social and environmental projects. http://www.lilo.org/en/poussieres-de-vie-pdv/…

To enter the funding phase, we need your help! Please:

1-Go to http://www.lilo.org/?utm_source=poussieres-de-vie-pdv to start using the search engine Lilo.

2-Earn at least 50 drops of water.

3-Go to the PdV project page http://www.lilo.org/en/poussieres-de-vie-pdv/… and give at least 50 drops of water

Here are the steps you can take to start helping PdV right away:

1-Do daily searches with Lilo to earn drops of water.

2-Give your drops of water regularly, by going directly to the PdV project file http://www.lilo.org/en/poussieres-de-vie-pdv/…

Thank you!

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