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In progress
Phan Huy Ich PointCom is a PdV-run charity school, located in HCMC. It supports disadvantaged children by giving them an education. We teach Vietnamese, Math, English and IT. The aim is to prepare the children to pass the exams of the public school system and, eventually, pursue their education at university.

In Tan Binh’s Ward 15, a relatively new urban area in Ho Chi Minh City, with a dense population, people’s lives are an everyday struggle.

Local authorities cannot afford to meet the population’s basic needs such as health and education. The ward’s infrastructure is poor, particularly in the education sector where there is a distinct lack of kindergartens and schools. The fact that 75% of the population are immigrants compounds this area’s problems.

PdV's PointCom Phan Huy Ich, financially supported by Total Vietnam, aims at giving disadvantaged children, often with a migrant background, a place where they can attend school and improve their lives.

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